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Cindy - for my cousin, Joey, who is in the county jail.

Donna - for the inmates at the Shelby County Correctional Facility who are in need of a substance abuse program. Please pray that the paperwork will go through in the prison system to help these men (one of them is my son.)

Keian – for my life style to change and for a short prison time.

Danny W.– that I will receive compassion during my sentencing.

Jennifer – for me and my family and that I will make parole.

Kaneisha - for all the ladies in Louisiana prison.

Raymond M. - for the men and women in prison and my judge.

Donald – my court date soon.

Danny – my court date.

Orvil P. – for my court date (I am facing a long sentence).

Alonzo M.– for a better parole date.

Tony – for my family.

Willie – that God will deliver me from crack cocain.

Donnie L.– that God will help me change things in my life.

John M.– for wisdom and understanding of God's Word.

Gary H.– for me.



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