Personal Testimonies received from students


Alan writes: Hello. I am here in 'an Alabama Correctional Facility'. When I got here on April 5th 2004, I got your address from a fellow inmate so I could study Christian beliefs and show how they were wrong. You see when I started your program, I was Muslim and had been for the last 15 years. As I studied your course I had alot of questions about things in the Bible, but I was afraid to ask anyone because I didn't know of anybody who would answer my questions without saying their religion was the only way. I studied your lessons from cover-to-cover and as I got further into the study I started really getting confused. I no longer knew for a fact that I was on the right road. About 5 books into your study I found myself in the place where I knew in my heart that I had to make a choice. I made a decision to turn my life over to Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. As tough as I thought it was going to be, I did it. When I went to the Christian church here at the prison and walked in the middle of the church meeting, everybody stopped talking (you could have heard a pin drop). I just walked to the alter and went down on my knees and begged for God to forgive me for worshipping another god. I told my family that Jesus Christ was the Savior, and since then they will not write me or take any of my calls. But God has told me through his teachings that He is the only thing I need. Your Bible studies have changed my life more than anything I have ever seen or done. I want to thank you for doing Jesus' work. I can never explain how much you have done for me. Thank you very much.

Henry writes: I was lost out in the world fooling myself, going to church activities. I was on the usher board at church but I didn't know God. I did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I was still committing adultry, still drinking, smoking and doing everything the world was doing. After I was locked up for murder in 1995, I gave my life to Jesus Christ. Since then I stand on God's Word (John 15:7) and His Word has not failed me. Praise God and God Bless you.

Veronique writes: Your Bible studies have really helped me out in a lot of ways. They break things down for popel and make the Bible study easier to understand. I enjoy them very much. I was raised in church as a little child but turned away. I felt like I could make my own rules and was in control of my own life. I continued my life of sin. I tried to kill myself 5 times because I was tried of living like that. I found out my sister's husband was messing with my daughter and I stabbed him. I was pregant when I was sent to jail. Everything was going wrong in my life until I began to read the Bible, starting with the book of Job. I prayed and asked God to forgive me of my sins and told Him that I wanted to start living for Him instead of myself. I will probably be out of jail by the time you read this but I know God will continue to help me out like He did Job.

Jason writes: I learned from Course 2 that everything I do affects not only myself, but God and others around. I have been incarcerated for 3 years and 2 months on a capital murder charge. I'm only 24 years old, but I can testify that without God I could not have maintained. He has been my strength and my redeemer.

Mark writes: I have been incarcerated for 11 years and 3 months, and I have been a Christian for a couple of years now. I have done evil, conned and schemed, but God opened my eyes, my heart, and my thoughts to where they needed to be. I've quit dealing drugs and recently have quit somking cigarettes! By God's grace I'll never do those things again. I know God has a plan for my life. Jesus has lifted my out of a disgusting pit and I'm happy, praising Jesus. I doing 19 to life and I used to long for my freedom, but through Jesus, my Lord and Saviour, I am free now.

John writes: "My prison sentence is a result of my sinful lifestyle that went on for 12 years. As a young teen-ager, I became a Christian; but as I grew older, worldly things became more important than God to me. During college and my twenties, alcohol became my master. As a direct result of my disobedience, I was sent to prison, (too many D.U.Is). Today, I can praise God for He saved my life. The Lord has a plan for me after prison, and I rejoice in His love."

Louis writes: I was saved and baptized as a child. I lived a luke-warm Christian life until about a year ago. My wife and I had serious differences in our religious beliefs; therefore, Satan creeped into our home. I stopped going to church and fell into great temptation and ended up in jail. I have 2 class B felonies and 1 class C feloney. I have never been in trouble before. I am retired law enforcement. I fell on my face and cried out to God to save me. He forgave me, and I'll never turn my back on him again. "

Curtis writes, "I'm not saved but please keep sending your lessons because they are helping me turn my life around by learning more about God."

Roger writes, "I was laying on my bed in the county jail thinking of suicide. My life was ruined and all hope was gone. I lost everything in my life I had ever work for-- my wife, cars, home, job, and my freedom. The hurt in my heart was more than I could stand. But Jesus was calling and had been for years, I just never listened. His voice could be heard loud and clear. I knew the Word and His glorious message, so I turned my whole heart and life to His care. I'm in prison in body, but my soul is free!! (Praise His Holy name)."

Cortellia writes, "First, I want to thank God for you and this Bible study. I was brought up in a good church as a child and I truly love the Lord, but somewhere in my life I lost that relationship I had as a child, and your Bible course has helped me to see that God is still there for me and that there are things that I must do to get that relationship back. I have done some things that I am not proud of and that are not pleasing to God. Please pray for me that God will help me serve Him with all my heart. I love you and thank you once again."

Ava writes, "During Course 2 I learned a lot I didn't know. I am really enjoying the studies. I thank the Lord for them. They help me to grow spiritually and closer to the Lord. I really enjoyed learning that in heaven we will know each other. How wonderful it will be to talk to someone that I led to Christ."

Bernadette writes, "A True Friend - You've helped me through the trying times. When my faith sometimes was hard to find, you've brought me closer to the Lord by sharing your faith and sharing His Word. Thank you for seeing me through the thick and thin. Thank you so much for being my friend."


Jonette writes, "I was raised to love the Lord and fear Him but I made bad decisions as I got older. I started messing with drugs which led to stealing. I have been back and forth to jail too many times to count in the last eight years. I have never been to prison, but it looks like I'm going this time. Through the Bible studies that I have been doing and God's love and mercy, I am able to encourage a lot of women that come through here. My advice to anyone who is battling with worry, drugs, alcohol, suicide, etc..... is to trust Jesus. We cannot lose focus on Him. Prayer, reading the Bible, and meditation are the keys. These things have got to be apart of our daily living in order to overcome."


Cecil writes, "I came to know and trust Jesus in prison. On the day I was arrested, the arresting officer witnessed to me on the way to the police station. I did not accept Jesus right then, but the officer's testimony drew me and about a week later I gave my heart to Jesus and for the last almost 5 years I have grown to know and love Him with all my heart."


Ted writes, "I want you to know how much I appreciate the love and teaching of God's Word through your ministry. Do you know that if I had never went to prison, I might not have ever known my Savior Jesus Christ? I truly needed this time out of the world to get to know God. Though I am locked-up for the first time, I'm truly free. He is a great God, and I give thanks to Him!!


Rodney writes, "While I was locked up in the county jail, I was ready to give up and so something stupid, but the night I was planning to end everything, I laid on the bed and called on Jesus, and told him everything. It felt like all that night I was laying in two big arms. After confessing and believing in Jesus, I knew Jesus had saved me. I love Jesus, and I don't ever want to do anything to displease Him again. I thank God for allowing His only Son to die for me.


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